IT Security Is Essential To Guard Against Malicious Threats

Unfortunately there seems to be no end in sight with the continual onslaught of malicious ransomware threats. CrytoWall 4.0 has recently been attacking computer systems across the globe. It’s evolved from the CryptoLocker virus last year which crippled networks and extorted over $3 million from victims. To help guard against this type of ransomware threat ensure your  system is fully protected and checked over by IT Security experts.

Besides evolving to be more evasive and out manoeuvring outdated antivirus protection, the prevenance of ransomware occurs as many computer users are unaware of what it is exactly and just how easily their system can be compromised. Ransom ware can easily compromise a computer when someone opens an email with an infected attachment.

These emails may be disguised as  government letters from organisations such as the taxation office, Medicare or Australia post. Once open,  the ransomware attachment  encrypts files and demands a payment to restore the computer or else the user will have it wiped completely by the deadline! In many cases, even if the ransom is paid the users files are left corrupted and worthless.

To ensure your protection against this type of malicious ransomware activity it essential to have your system checked for any weaknesses by a professional IT Support technician. They can check to see if your backup system is running effectively. Also to ensure your system is running the latest updates and security patches. Your antivirus and firewalls will also be checked to make sure your system is fully protected.

Besides professional IT support its important to remember to never open any spam mail or attachments from a sender you don’t recognise. Its mind bogging the amount of people who do so not realising the destructive consequences of their action. It’s important to educate your family and friends about these type of malicious treats online as they may well open the cryptowall 4.0 without realising their mistake.

It you unfortunately fall victim to this scam, call your trusted IT Security technician ASAP for assistance. The last thing you want to do is pay the cyber criminals, especially is if isn’t guaranteed they will restore your computer. If your backup was running smoothly, your computer technician will be able to restore your information, up until the most recent back up and format the system. Vigilance is the key, stay protected and don’t open suspicious mail!



Cisco Phone Systems for your Office

Despite the prolific use of emails and instant messaging services in the modern world, every company still needs to have the capability to make and receive phone calls. The Cisco phone system is widely regarded as the best on the market thanks to its flexibility, its affordability and its vast range of functions. If you’re interested in investing in one of these systems, contact CTRL I.T. to take advantage of our IT support and Cisco configuration services.

But firstly, let’s take a look at what the Cisco phone system can offer you and your company. All packages come with the basic functions including the physical phone systems themselves, messaging, routing and security for the software. More extensive systems include conferencing and video capabilities, amongst other superior services. CTRL I.T. has experience with Cisco configuration across the board and can offer ongoing IT support as well.

So why choose a Cisco phone system above all others? With over 30 years of experience and a reputation for leading the field when it comes to technological developments, Cisco offers its customers the best of the best at any one time. Their equipment also has built in IT support and security and the entire system is considered very simplistic to use and understand. One of Cisco’s other strong selling point is the flexibility of their packages. It’s possible to build a phone system perfectly tailored to your company’s needs. This way you’re not paying for services you won’t use and you can be guaranteed to receive the capabilities which you do need.

Why don’t I just use a regular phone system? we hear you ask. Well, a Cisco phone system is not only significantly more powerful than your home phone system but it is also much more cost-effective to actually invest in a complete Cisco configuration. Not only does this ensure all of your phones are correctly connected but services such as IT support will be made immeasurably easier. Plus, although it may sound complex, Cisco phone systems are very user-friendly, equipped with a single interface your staff members will master quickly and efficiently. They’re powerful machines but most of that power is hidden, working tirelessly for you behind the scenes and offering you unlimited IT support when it comes to connecting within and outside your office walls.

With a wide variety of packages to choose from there’s a Cisco phone system for any sized company, no matter what style of working environment you utilise. And if you’re currently unhappy with your phone system and are thinking of doing away with it, don’t! This kind of direct contact between customers and businesses is fundamental to good customer service and helps to build a relationship with your clients. Contactable, personal companies are always held in higher regard than those which hide behind websites and automated recordings. Colleagues too are better able to collaborate and work together across multiple departments and disciplines when they are in direct contact. Phones are sometimes the only way to communicate effectively.

If you’re interested in a Cisco phone system and would like CTRL I.T. to offer our IT support and experience in Cisco configuration, call us today to arrange an appointment with one of our advisors so we can begin conversing about what Cisco package is right for you.

Cisco phone system

IT Support is Vital to Keep Your Business Running

Businesses both big and small rely on computer systems to keep their production running smoothly and staff working productively. Unfortunately if valuable computer equipment isn’t serviced regularly them systems can fail, leading to very expensive down time for business due to loss of revenue while the issues is identified and rectified. The best way to keep your business running smoothly is by incorporating preventative maintenance by your trusted IT support professionals.

When computer systems fail they can have disastrous consequences as experienced in the United States earlier this month. Three major corporations systems all failed on the same morning. Initially cyber hackers were blamed for the “coordinated attack” but this theory was denounced by authorities as the computer failures were completely different and were a result of internal malfunctions and server overloads.

United Airlines had to ground all flights temporarily due to a network connectivity issue with their computers being unable to communicate with each other. Everything from checking in to booking systems were down for over an hour.  This threw staff and passengers into chaos with disrupted travel plans and people missing their connecting flights.

Not long after this incident, the New York Stock Exchange were forced to suspend trading  for around 4 hours due to an internal  technical problem which was revealed to be a configuration issue. This technical glitch certainly didn’t help investor confidence. The next system to fail was at the Wall Street Journal’s website, with speculation that server overload was the main cause. Large amounts of online traffic tried to access the Journals site after the NY Stock Exchange’s forced closure.

It’s astonishing that such large businesses can have computer system failures. Situations like these highlight the importance of computer maintenance to help prevent this happening to your business. IT Support Melbourne can assist with preventative maintenance to ensure your computer system is kept up to date and any issues are identified quickly and fixed before they become a major problem.

A professional IT Support consultant can help support your business by ensuring:

  • that your backup system is working properly
  • virus protection is functioning and up to date
  • setting up a reliable firewall
  • update your system with the most current security patches

All of the above features are essential to keep your business protected online and if anything were to occur unexpectedly, there would be the most up to date backups available to get your system up and running in no time.


IT Security Can Check Your Defence With a Penetration Test

As a business owner it’s important to know that your computer systems are secure from malicious threats. Any breech within your security can cause chaos, from sensitive information being copied, such as customers banking details, to lost revenue from your business being offline. It’s important to have a penetration test performed by you trusted IT security Melbourne professional to see where your businesses vulnerabilities lie.

Many people can confuse a penetration test with a security assessment or a compliance audit. The main different with the penetration test that sets it apart from audits is that instead of just identifying vulnerabilities in a business’s system, it goes further to exploit these weaknesses to prove or disprove the effectiveness of your defence. This may take the form of multiple attacks from different sources at the same time.

Although you may think your system is up to date in regards to security it’s important to bear in mind that new vulnerabilities such a harmful viruses are uncovered everyday! These attacks are continually increasing, and their evolving complexity and ability to infiltrate systems is very alarming. By performing a “real world” security breach on your system you can see how well it stands up to online threats.

It’s vital for the security of your business to have a penetration test carried out by your trusted IT support Melbourne expert on a regular basis. They would also advise you to have a test every time you install or upgrade network infrastructure, move office locations and equipment and when security patches are applied.

The benefits of conducting regular penetration tests include:

  • Your businesses security weakness are identified and the impact is measured, allowing appropriate action to be taken to remedy the most critical vulnerabilities.
  • Protect your businesses image and reputation by ensuring your customers details are secure.
  • Reduce costly business downtime due to network failures as a result of security breaches.
  • Meet the compliance requirements of governing bodies to avoid fines, such as Payment Card Industry and  Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

By ensuring your trusted IT security Melbourne expert conducts penetration tests when required you can feel safe knowing your businesses defences are secure and working effectively.

IT Support Can Keep Your System Running Efficiently

It’s amazing to look back at the history of computers, from the first fully fictional digital model, the ENIAC, which occupied around 1,800 square feet to today’s smaller and much more faster, streamlined models. Computers have become a way of life for the majority of the population who rely on them at work, home, communication and gaming. With computers now an essential tool for modern society it’s important that are maintained regularly by a professional IT support Melbourne consultant to keep them running smoothly.

Many computer systems, wether in the home or office, can fail without warning throwing your work and plans into disarray. To avoid these costly and frustrating disruptions its important to have your computer regularly maintained. Image losing a day, a week or even a year’s worth of work, important emails or even your precious family photo’s? Certainly you would be distressed and wish you had done something to prevent it.

A perfect comparison is to see the maintenance of a computer as important as that of your car. Vehicles are regularly serviced to change oils, wiper blades, oil filters and look for potential problems due to parts wearing out. By ensuring your car is in working order you can reduce your risk of breaking down and future costly repairs. They same can be said for computer systems, if not looked at professionally many issues can go unnoticed until it’s too late.

A professional IT support consultant can perform  regular preventative checks to ensure you stay protected online. The professional service should be through and  include the following features:

  • Checking important logs
  • Ensuring antivirus and spyware is current and working effectively
  • Performance check to see if your system is running properly
  • Internal clean out of harmful dust if required
  • Update the operating system and install patches
  • Ensure internal fans are working efficiently
  •  Remove temporary files and unused applications
  • Check your backup is working
  • Install required updates

Many people can find computer maintenance daunting and confusing, with a multitude of important tasks to complete. Some even ask friends or family with some IT knowledge to help out, which unfortunately usually ends in disaster with them having to call a professional service. By having your trusted IT support Melbourne expert perform maintenance checks  on your computer regularly you can keep your system running efficiently and also prolong the expected “life” of your essential machine .

How to Secure Your Online Surfing

Securing your online connectivity has to be one of the top priorities while surfing the internet.  Although tools such as anti-virus, tracker-disabling extensions, ad blockers and VPNs, are helpful, receiving the best IT support and security from your ISP should be top priority as well.  ISP and networking solution providers take the first major step in securing their user’s online access by employing such techniques as online encryption, filtering of harmful suspicious content before it reaches you and using several other technologies at hand.  Always seek the best IT support Melbourne networking and IT company to be 100% safe from online pirates and hackers, along with following these important tips below:

Avoid Similar Passwords Everywhere On The Web
This goes especially for the heavy social media users who have a tendency to create similar passwords on every social site they use.  Avoid this habit as using similar passwords makes your social profiles prone to getting hacked in the event a hacker strikes the big names.  There are many cases in the past in which thousands of social media profiles were compromised in social media hacking cases.  Most of the users who got their personal data stolen were those who used similar passwords on their social media profiles.

Avoid Becoming Click-Baits On Unknown Links
As we dig through our email inboxes and numerous highly attractive ads on websites, we often become click-baited to those spam links which turns into an install of malicious Trojan infections, viruses or adware on our device.  Along with avoiding these spam links you can also ensure your protection by installing extensions for online security in your browser.  Plus, you can obtain services from the best IT support firms in Melbourne who can protect your identity and data online by putting effective IT technologies in place to guard you against web-based unethical programs.

Be Cautious When Online Shopping
One of the most dangerous and risky things to do on the web is online purchasing, which most of us have now become accustomed to due to its comfort and ease.  Most people do not bother to check the authenticity or reviews of a particular online store before buying from it.  The result is that you could leave your credit card details exposed.  Just this year, a hacking case was reported in Korea where more than 10 million customers’ confidential financial info was hacked by an individual.  The investigation is still underway to get the culprit.

So to avoid such a situation, only use the best networking protection technologies provided by IT support firms, as well as avoiding making purchases from any site without first doing your research.  CtrlIT, one of the most renowned IT Support firms in Melbourne, provides their customers with state-of-the-art security services to make their online shopping activity safer and worry-free.

If you follow these steps you can enjoy the limitless capabilities of the internet without getting worried about the hackers.


A History of Cisco

When it comes to IT security, no company is quite as successful Cisco. This multinational giant in the technology industry has been providing IT support and equipment to businesses and individuals for over thirty years now. Cisco configuration is often the first step a new company takes to establishing themselves, ensuring their IT systems are at the top of their game before opening for business. Here’s a brief overview of how this company came to dominate the market today.

Cisco was founded in 1984 by married computer operations workers at Stanford University, Sandy Lerner and Len Bosack, but it wasn’t until 1986 that their first product was released: The Advanced Gateway Server Router. There were initially some problems with cash-flow, despite the company selling approximately $250,000 worth of routers per month by 1997. In 1998, Bosack and Lerner brought Donald T. Valentine on board, a venture capitalist. But he required the couple to give him a majority stake in the company and at once placed John Morgridge as president and CEO, side-lining Bosack and Lerner to chief scientist and head of customer services respectively. By the time it went public in 1990, Cisco was worth $224 million. At this point however, Lerner was fired and Bosack quit (the sale of their combined stock totalled over $170 million). Over the next few years, Cisco acquired or merged with several important companies, including Crescendo and Kalpana, expanding both as an expert in IT security and IT support.

From the millennium onwards, Cisco configuration became standard for the majority of businesses, with new and better products coming out all the time to keep pace with the ever changing technology. The Catalyst 6500 launched in 1999 was followed by the Integrated Services Router in 2004 which sold mover 7.5 million units by 2009. Also in 2004, the CRS-1 system enabled IT support of up to 1.2 terabits per second of bandwidth. The Nexus 7000 hit the market in 2008, further bolstering Cisco’s dominance of the IT support market. And Cisco kept pushing the boundaries, creating the Unified Computing System in 2009. In 2013, Cisco was awarded its 10,000th patent and continues to control the router market today.

With its vast array of products Cisco configuration can be adapted for every company’s needs and requirements. Of course IT security and IT support is of vital importance for every business, especially small ones who can be targets for hackers due to their reputation for having poor IT security systems in place compared to bigger companies. By getting Cisco configuration for your business, you’ll not only be gaining access to their extensive IT support services but you’ll also be benefiting from over thirty years of experience in the field, leading to the best quality and performance products on the market today.

If you think your company may benefit from a full Cisco configuration, contact Ctrl I.T. today and discuss your technological options with our expert, specialist engineers.