5 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs IT Support

The importance of IT support is often overlooked by small business owners, especially in the case of start-up companies. Although few small businesses are able to afford a full time IT technician, nor have the need for one, it is still important to have access to IT support. In the modern world, businesses are unable to operate without technology and when problems arise, returning your systems to full working order as fast as possible is essential. Here are five reasons why every small business needs IT services:

1.    Security 

Cyber attacks are not only becoming more common but they are increasingly targeting small businesses. Why? Because these organisations typically have low IT security, making them easy targets. Working with a qualified IT technician to improve your firewalls and install a virtual alarm system enables you to not only reduce your chance of being hacked but also allows you to take immediate action if the unfortunate does happen. IT support is more than just helping when something goes wrong: comprehensive IT services are preventative as well as reactive.

2.    New Technologies 

The number of new programs and systems which are released every week is staggering. It is the job of professional IT technicians to stay up to date when it comes to software which can help your business. They can not only install these systems but conduct IT support workshops to teach staff how to use the new software.

3.     Storing Data 

While hard drives have been used to back up and encrypt sensitive data for decades, many companies are now using virtual cloud-based hosts. These are often considered more secure and easier to manage. IT support teams can help your company transition from physical data storage systems to virtual ones, advising you on the best provider and helping you to change relevant company policies. As cyber attacks before more prevalent and the consequence for businesses suffering a breach increase, IT services are placing greater emphasis on the importance of secure data storage.

4.     Stay Connected 

So much of your business is likely conducted through IT systems. Whether it is internal or external phone calls, emails, social media management or an online store, an inability to communicate online can be catastrophic for businesses. IT services can not only install and set up these systems but they are also able to maintain them and ensure you remain connected at all times. When every second you are disconnected costs money, this aspect of IT support is of paramount importance.

5.     Productivity 

There are always techniques which can make business processes more efficient. Technology is advancing fast and being up to date with the latest tools and systems can help your business significantly increase its productivity. IT technicians are always up to speed on the latest software and are able to install them for you as part of their IT services. The more productive your business, the more money you can make.

Interested in securing IT support from expert IT technicians? Ctrl IT is a Melbourne-based IT services provider who specialises in small business. Call today to find out more about how we can help your business and deliver a range of IT services to suit any budget.

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