iCan Help You – Apple Computer Support

Technology is confusing enough without having to constantly keep up-to-date with different operating systems and endless updates and changes to the way in which your computer works. Every company needs access to the advice of a competent computer tech who can support other staff members when it comes to their computers. However, few small businesses can afford such a luxury. If you’re looking for Apple support in Melbourne, contact Ctrl I.T. today and find out more about our IT support services. Here’s a brief overview of what we offer.

One of the most popular brands in the world, over the past few years Apple has seen a significant rise in computer sales as many companies switch from PCs to Mac. While many argue that the operating system in an iMac is easier to use and more intuitive, it can take time to become acquainted with the new technology. Ctrl I.T. offer workshops and training seminars to companies who are looking for hands-on Apple support in Melbourne and our accomplished Apple-savvy computer techs can give your staff the basic tools needed for in-house IT support. There are many little tricks, shortcuts and handy tips our computer tech want to share to help you and your staff make the most of your iMac product.

When things go wrong, our computer techs can troubleshoot most issues over the phone, talking your staff through step by step when it comes to problems on their machines. Alternatively, one of the benefits of hiring your local Apple support team in Melbourne is our willingness to perform site visits. If you have a problem and need to see a computer tech quickly, Ctrl I.T. pledges to have someone with you by the end of the day. We understand how important your technology is to your business and work hard to keep all of our clients connected.

We also offer preventative maintenance, long-term IT support to minimise risks to your computer systems. In the unlikely and unfortunate event of a system malfunction, our computer techs are adept at data recovery. Once we have your files back, we will strengthen your IT security system and make sure you are not at risk again as well as providing further training to your staff about risks, vulnerabilities and dangers online and within computing systems.

Ctrl I.T. can even provide you with computers and equipment. Thanks to our connections to a wide range of tech suppliers, we receive considerable discounts when we buy our computers and pass those savings onto you. Whether you need one MacBook Air or want to equip your entire office with iMacs, Ctrl I.T. should be your one stop shop for all your computing needs.

Every company needs expert IT support just a phone call away. We don’t mind if you’re a newbie or a seasoned Mac user, call us today and find out more about our range of Apple support in the Melbourne area and discover what our computer techs can do for you.

Apple support in Melbourne

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