IT Support Can Keep Your System Running Efficiently

It’s amazing to look back at the history of computers, from the first fully fictional digital model, the ENIAC, which occupied around 1,800 square feet to today’s smaller and much more faster, streamlined models. Computers have become a way of life for the majority of the population who rely on them at work, home, communication and gaming. With computers now an essential tool for modern society it’s important that are maintained regularly by a professional IT support Melbourne consultant to keep them running smoothly.

Many computer systems, wether in the home or office, can fail without warning throwing your work and plans into disarray. To avoid these costly and frustrating disruptions its important to have your computer regularly maintained. Image losing a day, a week or even a year’s worth of work, important emails or even your precious family photo’s? Certainly you would be distressed and wish you had done something to prevent it.

A perfect comparison is to see the maintenance of a computer as important as that of your car. Vehicles are regularly serviced to change oils, wiper blades, oil filters and look for potential problems due to parts wearing out. By ensuring your car is in working order you can reduce your risk of breaking down and future costly repairs. They same can be said for computer systems, if not looked at professionally many issues can go unnoticed until it’s too late.

A professional IT support consultant can perform  regular preventative checks to ensure you stay protected online. The professional service should be through and  include the following features:

  • Checking important logs
  • Ensuring antivirus and spyware is current and working effectively
  • Performance check to see if your system is running properly
  • Internal clean out of harmful dust if required
  • Update the operating system and install patches
  • Ensure internal fans are working efficiently
  •  Remove temporary files and unused applications
  • Check your backup is working
  • Install required updates

Many people can find computer maintenance daunting and confusing, with a multitude of important tasks to complete. Some even ask friends or family with some IT knowledge to help out, which unfortunately usually ends in disaster with them having to call a professional service. By having your trusted IT support Melbourne expert perform maintenance checks  on your computer regularly you can keep your system running efficiently and also prolong the expected “life” of your essential machine .


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