IT Support is Vital to Keep Your Business Running

Businesses both big and small rely on computer systems to keep their production running smoothly and staff working productively. Unfortunately if valuable computer equipment isn’t serviced regularly them systems can fail, leading to very expensive down time for business due to loss of revenue while the issues is identified and rectified. The best way to keep your business running smoothly is by incorporating preventative maintenance by your trusted IT support professionals.

When computer systems fail they can have disastrous consequences as experienced in the United States earlier this month. Three major corporations systems all failed on the same morning. Initially cyber hackers were blamed for the “coordinated attack” but this theory was denounced by authorities as the computer failures were completely different and were a result of internal malfunctions and server overloads.

United Airlines had to ground all flights temporarily due to a network connectivity issue with their computers being unable to communicate with each other. Everything from checking in to booking systems were down for over an hour. This threw staff and passengers into chaos with disrupted travel plans and people missing their connecting flights.

Not long after this incident, the New York Stock Exchange were forced to suspend trading for around 4 hours due to an internal technical problem which was revealed to be a configuration issue. This technical glitch certainly didn’t help investor confidence. The next system to fail was at the Wall Street Journal’s website, with speculation that server overload was the main cause. Large amounts of online traffic tried to access the Journals site after the NY Stock Exchange’s forced closure.

It’s astonishing that such large businesses can have computer system failures. Situations like these highlight the importance of computer maintenance to help prevent this happening to your business. IT support Melbourne can assist with preventative maintenance to ensure your computer system is kept up to date and any issues are identified quickly and fixed before they become a major problem.

A professional IT support consultant can help support your business by ensuring:

• that your backup system is working properly
• virus protection is functioning and up to date
• setting up a reliable firewall
• update your system with the most current security patches

All of the above features are essential to keep your business protected online and if anything were to occur unexpectedly, there would be the most up to date backups available to get your system up and running in no time.


IT Support Melbourne Can Assist in Keeping Your Children Cyber Safe

Children of today are extremely tech savvy, in many cases they know much more about using computers than their parents do! Unfortunately the online world can at times be a sinister place for children with undesirable individuals trying to communicate with them. If you are unsure of the best way to ensure their safety online than its advisable to contact professional IT support Melbourne who can help guide you in the right direction.

Parents have very busy schedules, between working and raising children, it can be very hard to find enough time to monitor their online activities every moment they are logged on. Regrettably young children whose family computer isn’t suitably protected have been exposed to very inappropriate content online, such as pornography. Other children are unknowingly giving out personal details to strangers or are exposed to severe bullying online. It’s important to teach your children the following to help keep them protected:

• Teach your children to never share their passwords.

• Ensure they log out of their computer after finishing work. This ensures no one else can access their personal information.

• Be cautious of opening emails and attachments. Best to follow the “Stranger danger” message; they shouldn’t communicate with people they don’t know.

• Never give out personal information, such as home address, phone number etc.

• If they use social media, ensure their settings are private. Also advisable to get an indication of which friends they have online. How well do they know them?

• Ask if they have ever been made to feel upset by others online. Cyberbullying can be devastating to impressionable children. Make sure they limit contact from those that are bullies, avoid responding and report the abuse. Detailed advice can be found online at

• Install a valuable sense of self-respect with your children. Teach them that undesirable information and images can remain online indefinably. It’s important for their reputation, future relationships and employment prospects that they don’t cause themselves harm online by posting detrimental content.

As parents, you want to protect your children as much as possible. It’s important that your computer is protected to ensure they aren’t exposed to harmful content and contact with strangers. IT Support Melbourne can assist by ensuring your antivirus and firewall is formatted correctly and up to date. They are many privacy settings that need to be activated and parental control software can also be helpful to prevent inappropriate content showing up while your child is logged on.