Hate Windows 8? Turn it into 7 with a few easy steps.

I hate Windows 8.

Everything about its new interface is counter-intuitive.

Even on a tablet, unless someone shows you the swipey tricks, you will be confused. An invisible button? I guess they were copying samsung. At least on a Galaxy the button appears after you press it. And who the hell put the turn off button under settings?

Fortunately, we are not alone. 3rd party software developers have recreated the Windows 7 start menu!

The one I usually use is called Classic Shell. This tool brings back the Windows 7 start menu in all of its glory.

There are also some more options to play with to unflustercluck the GUI.

Right-click the taskbar, click Properties and select the Navigation tab. You can disable hot corners, the app switcher bar, and most importantly, boot directly to the desktop.

Article by CTRLIT.
Leading IT Support in Melbourne


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