IT Risk & Security – Get a second opinion

Every day in the media we see another story about a new virus, a company being hacked and someone other than you having issues. This re-enforces your opinion that your IT Support Company is doing a great job which they may well be doing. Unfortunately from our experience over the last ten years the majority are not… businesses need to remember that a system running smoothly doesn’t mean your secure or free from risk.

Take for example a business on St Kilda Rd, an IT business of all things! They thought firewalls, backups, antivirus and fault tolerance were perfect until a few troubled teenagers were bored one day and downloaded some tools off the internet, the black arch toolkit which they used to break a very simple vulnerability and over the period of 1 month deleted all backups completely un-noticed and then wiped all hard drives… The company in question lost all their data and promptly went bankrupt after losing nearly 10,000 websites and 7 plus years of people’s stored emails which were safely “stored” in the cloud…?

The point being a simple vulnerability scan or audit would have shown this simple vulnerability in an otherwise well setup system and it could have been patched preventing many legal cases, insurance claims and general misery.

So our point?

  1. Get an IT Audit regularly
  2. Make sure your IT company are running external vulnerability tests regularly
  3. Get a second opinion even if your IT is run by a trusted professional

As always everyone happy computing and enjoy the appmazing world we live in safely with a dash of common sense 😉

Written by Bastien Treptel – Director Ctrl IT


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